Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sphagnum blog

In a frenzy of mid-September boredom, I updated the blogroll on the left side of driftless area recently. A quick rundown of some of the additions:

Birds and Blooms. Find a picture of a child sleeping in a wagon AND a way to get designs for a cowboy boot birdhouse.

Midwest HazeCam. This provides some neat pictures, but such a depressing name. Can't we call it Midwest FunCam or something?

Moosejaw Madness. The bizarre ramblings of the most well-written outfitter in the universe.

Prairie State Outdoors.
It's a bit hunting and fishing focused, but still a good barometer of what's going on in the great state of Illinois.

Stray Casts. Only one paper in town still has an outdoors writer, and it's the Chicago Sun-Times' Dale Bowman.


lampes said...

Thanks for adding Prairie State Outdoors.com to your Blog roll. While we do focus mainly on hunting and fishing, we also post a fair amount of nature- and critter-related information. And we try to focus as narrowly as possible on Illinois.

Thanks again.


Erika said...

Thank god for the Birds and Blooms link. I've let my subscription lapse and I was desperate for a way to create a birdie apartment building out of the 15 terracotta pots and hard hats I have languishing in my garage. ;)

sportsshrike said...

Thanks so much for the comment, Jeff. I'm scanned your site a few times for wildlife sightings and share interest in a lot of the same natural areas of Illinois.

Erika--You could make a bird apartment or quite a sculpture! Either/or.