Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Some pig

For a while, several years ago, I was moderately addicted to outdoors television shows. These were of the variety shown late at night on the old Outdoor Life Network or early mornings on ESPN. A personal favorite was Fish'n Canada, hosted by Reno and Angelo Viola. Believe it or not, Fish'n Canada is still on the air although the episodes I watched were filmed in approximately 1985.

For some reason, several old sports stars hosted these types of shows. Larry Csonka. Dick Butkus. Even Bob Knight--before he capped a friend with birdshot. It was Butkus who introduced me to wild boar hunting. I learned that boars were not shot with guns or crossbows, but rather they were surrounded and wrestled into submission. I think a knife may also be involved, but TV omitted this part of the process. This must have been at least a decade ago because even No. 51 was running after the pig.

This is all an excuse for pointing out that there is a population of feral pigs in western Wisconsin and they may have crossed the border into Minnesota, near Red Wing.

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