Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bottle brush

Before 1994 or so, the only water bottles I owned were discount store-types. The kind that inserted into a bicycle holder or were given away as promotional items. Then I got to college and everyone was sipping from these hard plastic things called "Nalgenes."

I succumbed to the inevitable and got my first Nalgene soon thereafter, a cheapy one from the Campmor catalog. From there, I went on a Nalgene rampage. Soon enough we probably had a dozen of them, many brightly hued and in all shapes and sizes.

Then whispers about BPA kept floating around and somewhere about 2005 I got a metal Sigg bottle. Whew, what did we do before Nalgene and Sigg? Before the time when sipping a sports bottle at work just seemed weird.

So we accumulated a Sigg collection, too. A couple different shapes and sizes, smug in our progression from the Nalgene tyranny. Then this article came out.


Karla said...

How do we carry our drinking water?
Or do we just look for water fountains, like the "good old days"?

JayB said...

We are sending back all six of our bottles to be exchanged. I recently picked up a wide mouth Nalgene at Target that is BPA free. I missed that style of container.

JayB said...

Also, see the Patagonia blog, TheCleanestLine for their terse response to this fiasco.

sportsshrike said...

Huh, thanks for the tip. We only have two (thankfully) that need to be exchanged. I also have a Laken bottle that may or may not have BPA, their site isn't really clear.