Monday, March 24, 2008

Eleuthera list

Birds seen on a visit to the island of Eleuthera in The Bahamas. This total (38 species) represents a one-week high:

laughing gull
royal tern
great blue heron
great egret
yellow-crowned night heron
american oystercatcher
american coot
common moorhen
least grebe
pied-billed grebe
american wigeon
blue-winged teal
ring-necked duck
white-crowned pigeon
eurasian collared dove
common ground dove
mourning dove
great lizard cuckoo
smooth-billed ani
bahama woodstar
belted kingfisher
northern mockingbird
white-eyed vireo
palm warbler
black-faced grassquit
greater antillean bullfinch
rock dove
lesser yellowlegs
black-necked stilt
magnificent frigatebird
song sparrow
green heron
indigo bunting
yellow-rumped warbler
ruddy turnstone

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