Sunday, February 10, 2008

Anniversary survey

I'm not sure if this site has enough traffic for this, but I have posted a survey in honor of the first anniversary of the driftless area blog. Click a choice in the upper left corner of this page to participate. I wanted to do something special to mark one year, and I will post about whatever is chosen by site visitors. (It's been three years since started, incidentally.)

If nothing else, blogging is an exercise in navel gazing and these self-centered questions reflect that. So thanks for indulging me!


JayB said...

I want to see those old Collegian articles. You should put a collection of those in "Other Stuff" even if they are not the top pick.

sportsshrike said...

I might. I was thinking of taking down some of the 'Other Stuff' because it's not anonymous enough. Most of the blog and other stuff I've posted is pretty tame, though, in this Facebook/MySpace era.