Thursday, June 28, 2007

Camper dilemma

I debated going camping tomorrow night, but here's why I'm not. First, I would need to pack everything in the car tomorrow morning and leave directly from work. A late arrival seems meaningless. And if the campground is full and it's late, I may be driving around the cornfields looking for a place to sleep. Second, by the time I get up and pack up my gear it could be sunrise or later. I'd miss prime birding hours. I've made up my mind to stay the night at home and rise pre-dawn Saturday for my own personal breeding bird survey.

Also, one of the seven wonders of Uptown was featured in the Chicago Tribune today. Learn more about the tunnels underneath the Green Mill on There's also a nice video and photo gallery available. And mentions of Suicidal Tendencies AND the Beastie Boys in the story!

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