Sunday, July 13, 2014

Camping - Day 3 notes

*Swimming -- Despite a Great Lake at our doorstep, we never made it into the water at Wells. There is a swimming beach in the park, but it was small and rather uninviting. The best bet would have been the shoreline near our campsite, or even a plunge in Bagley Rapids, but it just didn't happen.

*Beer -- We arrived with a Chicago IPA--Revolution Brewing's Anti-Hero--as well as Bell's Oberon. Along the way, we purchased a six-pack of Blackrocks Brewery's 51K IPA, from Marquette, Mich., and Bell's Two-Hearted Ale. As the Two-Hearted label states, ideal for "Hemingway-esque" trips to the Upper Peninsula. We stuck with Whole Foods' 365 brand organic whole milk for the girls.

*Wildlife -- It was a thrill to hear and see two loons in Lake Michigan, right off our campsite. Also, we saw a bald eagle soaring above Route 41, near Peshtigo, Wis. Perhaps the most stunning sight of all was at least two dozen American white pelicans soaring over the city of Green Bay, which has a thriving breeding population. Fun.

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