Thursday, July 10, 2014

Camping - Day 1 notes

*Fourth of July -- You would think a public campground would be overrun with fireworks-crazy revelers on 7/4. One of the first things we saw at Bagley Rapids was a sign stating "Fireworks Prohibited in Campground." We did hear a fireworks display after sundown, perhaps from a nearby town. There were still a few fireworks late at night in the distance, but nothing that interrupted sleep (thankfully).

The working burner, on the left.
*A new stove -- We finally took the plunge and bought a two-burner propane camping stove. We were excited to use it on the trip. Some people may know that I've struggled with stoves in the past (see: MSR Whisperlite). So it wasn't a surprise when one of the two burners did not work on the new stove. To top things off, in perhaps a related issue, the fuel canister gushed propane upon removal from the stove.

*Wildlife -- The bird highlight of the day was an osprey over Highway 141 in Wisconsin. Ovenbirds were plentiful in the campground. There also were red squirrels and chipmunks. And it was fun to be far enough north to see ravens.

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