Saturday, May 23, 2009

Omnibus oddity

The credit card bill signed into law by President Obama includes a provision for gun-toting in national parks. First, I'm surprised that guns were banned altogether in the parks anyway but I suppose people who carry firearms everywhere were well aware of this. Check your guns in Cody, Wyo., or somewhere, when you're taking the RV to Yellowstone. Second, I find it interesting that a former park super is fearful that campground arguments will escalate to gunfights. Why are there so many arguments in campgrounds? A reflection of the number of arguments in society? The stress of putting up a tent or selecting a campsite? I was in a city park today and didn't see a single argument--this in a reportedly violent urban center. So get out your AK-47s, load them in the F-150, and head to a national park. You can polish your bullets there, change your cartridges and everything. Sounds like a great way to enjoy the nation's splendor.

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