Monday, May 11, 2009

Lakeside report

We've seen a little bit of wildlife around West Lakeside Place lately. Last night, a rabbit graced the vacant lot behind our building. It casually munched on a piece of grass while we watched from the alley. There is a pair of house finches that have set up shop in the second floor of our neighbors' porch. I'm worried we're watching a tragedy unfold--someone will notice the nest and get rid of it. I like the finches though I understand the need to clear the deck of droppings and nest detritus. These birds are more interesting than house sparrows, especially the bright red plumage of the male house finch. They also have a sweet song.

The only other sighting of note from home is that the chimney swifts have returned. It was Thursday, May 7, that they made their first appearance. Haven't really heard them since so not sure if these were migrants or what. There were a lot of barn swallows on the golf course yesterday, though. I will try to slip out pre-work tomorrow for a birding session at Montrose (yippee!).

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