Monday, March 2, 2009

Subliminal spring

There is hope: today is the second day of meteorological spring (it's 21.6 degrees right now). Sandhill cranes are moving into northern sections of Illinois (winter finches are still hanging around). February wasn't even that snowy (we had a couple inches of lake-effect snow to welcome March last night). In places like New York City, there are bulbs pushing up out of the ground (there's about six inches of snow there right now). The Cubs and White Sox have kicked off exhibition play (there's a whole lot of ice on Lake Michigan still). The average high at this time of year is a balmy 45 (that's still way too cold to fire up the grill). I haven't worn my winter boots in a couple weeks (I'll be wearing gloves on my way to work until May). Highs may reach 60 later this week (it will definitely be cold again for a long time after that).

(Winter really isn't over yet.)

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