Monday, March 16, 2009

Bracket weather

Based on my WeatherDance Final Four, this is an exercise in moderation. I winnowed away schools located in areas of extreme temperatures (Arizona and North Dakota State quickly were eliminated) while keeping schools in nondescript climates. My Final Four is West Virginia, East Tennessee State, Chattanooga and North Carolina (which likely will be in the real Final Four). I have East Tennessee State topping the Tar Heels in the final--a preposterous outcome on the basketball court, of course, but not impossible in the wacky world of WeatherDance.


arafura14 said...

What a great mix of obsessions!!! Gotta love those dorks in Ann Arbor. By the way, did you see Chrisler Arena when they were paired against Clemson (with only about 4 teams remaining unannounced) what a great moment! Oh, and one of the captains is in the urban planning program with me.

arafura14 said...

too bad UM is a lock to go down in the first round of the weatherdance

sportsshrike said...

One of the captains of UM basketball is a planner? Wow.

I just found out there was a mistake in WeatherDance's brackets. I now have UNC winning WeatherDance over Chattanooga. Maybe UNC will win the real thing, too.

arafura14 said...

Yes, here is recent story on him:

I have a class with him this semester.