Saturday, February 7, 2009

Thaw cawing

This post is part of my effort to acknowledge thaws as much as big storms.

There's a blue sky in Uptown right now with temperatures at 45.9 degrees. The birds are singing, the crows are cawing; I think I even heard a house finch this morning. Yesterday, there was a nice temperature gradient across Illinois. The statewide high, in Quincy, was 64. The statewide low was 6, recorded at Rochelle and the DuPage County airport.

The massive snow banks on our street are finally melting. I haven't noticed any flood watches yet, but I may be crossing the Kankakee River later today and can provide a first-hand report.

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arafura14 said...

Peaked at 52 here in AA today, besting the previous record high by a whopping 15 degrees! Enjoy the melt!