Monday, October 8, 2007

Major league

A running diary of Game 4 of the American League Division Series...

6:38 - A late start to the diary, but it's OK as Grady Sizemore has just stepped in...and hits a long home run to center field! It feels like the first part of Game 3. Uh oh.

6:44 - Eric Wedge's new beard isn't looking that good.

6:45 - Play-by-play man Chip Caray uses the phrase "dulcet tones."

6:49 - Jhonny Peralta drives in former Ranger Travis Hafner! 2-0 Tribe.

6:55 - Good. Franklin Gutierrez is in right field again tonight. I don't care what Caray said in Game 3. Starting Trot Nixon was a bad idea.

6:59 - Former Ranger Alex Rodriguez stands in with two runners on. And strikes out.

7:03 - Former Ranger Kenny Lofton makes a nice catch for the third out.

7:09 - The Indians' Kelly Shoppach is a good No. 2 catcher. He's bunting here with two on and nobody out. The umps call a hit by pitch on a bunt attempt! Bases loaded.

7:14 - Yankees starter Chien Ming Wang is removed after just one inning. Before the game, I told anyone who would listen--OK, one person--that Wang was inexperienced in the postseason despite his 19 wins this year.

7:17 - Mike Mussina comes in for the Yankees. His best days may be behind him.

7:19 - Mussina induces a double play but the Tribe adds a run.

7:22 - Poised rookie Asdrubal Cabrera adds an RBI single! 4-0!

7:26 - I appreciate Caray's neutrality. ESPN Radio's Jon Miller gushes all over the Yankees at every opportunity.

7:31 - Who would have thought the Indians would make it this far without Keith Foulke, Andy Marte, Cliff Lee and Jeremy Sowers. All were key parts of the preseason roster.

7:40 - New York mounts a rally, but crafty veteran Paul Byrd gets Melky Cabrera to pop out.

7:45 - Yankees catch a break when umpire Bruce Froemming misses a checked swing call. Bases loaded, one out.

7:47 - Johnny Damon pops out for out No. 2. Whew.

7:48 - Crap. Infield hit scores a run.

7:52 - Byrd escapes, yielding just one run.

7:55 - I'm eating an apple that was grown at Carpenter St. Croix Valley Nature Center in Hastings, Minn.

8:04 - Mussina looks good in the third inning.

8:07 - Byrd strikes out A-Rod looking. Nice.

8:16 - Shoppach hits a ground-rule double.

8:16 - Yanks coach Ron Guidry leads the American League in best-groomed mustache.

8:23 - The fundamentally sound Asdrubal Cabrera lays down a perfect sacrifice. Hafner is walked to load the bases.

8:27 - Two-run single by Victor Martinez! 6-1!

8:29 - A lot of Yankees fans got the memo tonight to wear light blue shirts.

8:41 - Caray calls Paul Byrd "dazzling." This has been a quiet dazzling.

8:47 - A-Rod records a rare postseason hit.

8:49 - Byrd through five complete!

8:53 - Indians catch a break on a Grady Sizemore infield hit.

8:57 - Caray just called Melky Cabrera "The Melk-man." Meantime, Mussina departs.

9:03 - Arli$$ is in the house.

9:07 - Robinson Cano hits a solo home run. Damn.

9:10 - I didn't need this Jon Bongiovi interview.

9:16 - Darn. Yankees start a rally against Rafael Perez with one down in the sixth.

9:20 - Perez jams Derek Jeter and gets a double play!

9:23 - Kyle Farnsworth comes in for the Yanks, and it appears he's wearing reading glasses.

9:42 - Pace of game stalls even more. Perez starts seventh by striking out Bobby Abreu.

9:45 - A-Rod cuts the lead to three.

9:53 - Perez is looking wild. I'm feeling nervous.

9:54 - Cano grounds out to first to end the seventh.

10:00 - Shoppach hits his second double of the game.

10:02 - Yankees decide to leave Jose Veras in the game. Maybe not. Here comes Mariano Rivera.

10:22 - Rafael Betancourt sets down Yanks 1-2-3 in eighth while I do knee exercises.

10:24 - Doesn't it seem like Joe Torre has been depressed for the past three years or so?

10:24 - Nice. TBS plays the theme from "Major League" while showing Indians highlights.

10:27 - Craig Sager reports that the Indians' wives are keeping away from their husbands.

10:33 - Joe Borowski was considered the big weakness for the Tribe before the series. Here he comes.

10:34 - Jeter pops out.

10:36 - Abreu homer. 6-4. Here comes A-Rod.

10:39 - A-Rod F-9.

10:40 - Posada misses a home run by a few feet.

10:41 - Posada strikes out swinging. The Indians win it, oh my god the Indians win it! They're celebrating tonight from the Appalachian foothills to the Lake Erie islands to the high ground east of Cleveland.


Steve said...

A running diary of me reading your blog account of Game 4 . . .

1:43 Who is Eric Wedge?
1:44 I liked Chip Caray when he did play-by-play for the Cubs.
1:44 Were Jhonny's parents illiterate?
1:45 Thanks for sending some love to ex-Rangers.
1:45 I thought Trot Nixon played for the Red Sox.
1:46 Alex strikes out. Ha ha ha ha! I sure hope he signs elsewhere and gets the Rangers off the hook. We're actually paying for a big chunk of his salary this year! That's indecent. How can you pay somebody to play for somebody else . . . Only in baseball (I hope).
1:47 Love Kenny Lofton.
1:48 Did the ups screw up the hit by pitch on the bunt attempt?
1:48 I love the name Asdrubal. I pronounce it so that it starts out sounding like "Ass drub."
1:49 Jon Miller's my favorite baseball announcer. He used to be the voice of the Rangers. I like the way he pronounces Spanish names and I think he tells good stories. I also like Kenny the Hawk Harrelson, the voice of the White Sox.
1:50 I've never heard of Jeremy Sowers. I thought Andy Marte was a golfer.
1:52 "Bongiovi." Nice. In-game celebrity interviews suck. Unless it's Charles Barkley on a Monday Night Football game I don't care about.
1:53 I remember when Farnsworth pitched for the Cubs. I always thought he looked "country strong."
1:54 Never heard of Shoppach.
1:55 I like Craig Sager.
1:56 Borowski would make me nervous moving forward if I were an Indian.

Thanks for the blog work and congratulations. I look forward to future installments.

Joshua said...

Better be careful Bob, might come calling if you keep this up.

sportsshrike said...

I can tell you're happy about the Cowboys' win, Steve. Quick answers:

-Umps got HBP right on bunt attempt.
-I like Hawk but he and DJ have a bizarre dynamic.
-Farnsworth was a party animal in Wrigleyville.

Josh - Is it obvious I stole the diary idea from "The Sports Guy" Bill Simmons?

Thanks for the comments on the lightly used comments section of driftless area.