Thursday, May 3, 2007

May 3, 2007

It's been a couple months since the promise, but I've finally compiled my list of the Seven Wonders of Uptown:

Aragon Ballroom -- Built in 1926, haven for big band stars and current rock venue resembles Spanish village.

Argyle Street -- Bustling, garlic-scented array of Southeast Asian shops and restaurants.

Essanay Studios -- Charlie Chaplin filmed movies here, and the first "Sherlock Holmes," "A Christmas Carol," and Jesse James movie, "The James Boys of Missouri" were shot here.

Graceland Cemetery -- Famed Chicagoans Potter Palmer, Marshall Field and Daniel Burnham buried here. There also are two Lorado Taft sculptures (see Camp Chicago connection).

Green Mill Jazz Club -- Current home of hep house band Sabertooth and former haunt of Al Capone.

Montrose Point -- Landfilled parkland that juts into Lake Michigan. Birding at Magic Hedge Sanctuary is outstanding, and the Montrose Beach Dunes include rare habitat that harbors rare plants.

Uptown Bank Building -- Historic building with pilastered facade looms over intersection of Broadway and Lawrence.

Honorable mentions: Goldblatt's Building, Marovitz Golf Course, Peregrine Falcons of Uptown Theatre, Riviera Theatre, Uptown Theatre


Steve said...

What about the Neo-Futurarium?

sportsshrike said...

Good call. I think it just barely qualifies as Uptown since it's Southeast of Foster and Ashland. It's nice to give the best of the current Uptown arts scene a mention.