Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Insect problem

Judging by newspaper coverage, Chicago is about to be plagued by cicadas. For weeks, the upcoming cicada onslaught has been trumpeted in the local media. The cicadas are supposed to emerge from the ground as they do every 17 years. Today, the first "Where are the cicadas?" story was posted. At this point, anything short of a biblical swarm will be a disappointment. The cicadas will receive a mixed welcome, if recent small talk means anything. Responses have ranged from eagerness to abject disgust at the mention of the cicadas.

I don't recall a cicada plague in my native section of the Midwest. I do recall that another species of cicada makes a deafening buzzing sound at night in late summer. Nevertheless, the local response has become tiresome. Some of the discussions at Cicada Central are downright absurd.

Finally, the link to the veery's song via the incredible All About Birds Web site [click 'Play sound from this species'].

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