Monday, February 14, 2011

Water everywhere

A big thaw is under way since the Blizzard of 2011. It was 45 yesterday and over 40 today, too. The forecast high for Thursday is 58! We really didn't have a January thaw so maybe this is making up for it.

There is actually grass visible in many places now, though the big piles of snow persist. Many sidewalks are still lined with steep snow banks. All over the city there are narrow passageways, cut by generous snowblower owners, that lead to the street.

The primal practice of dibs has left shattered patio furniture and other household items scattered all over. Dibs seems to have fizzled out about a week ago as more parking spaces have been cleared.


Karla said...

Let us all hope for a gradual thaw.

sportsshrike said...

There have been a number of flood watches on Illinois rivers the past few days. I noticed a lot of flooded areas on the ride to and from Springfield the past two days.