Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weather variety

We've made it something of a tradition to drive to Camelot Tree Farm near DeKalb for a Christmas tree every December. It's usually nice and snowy for our ride, and yesterday was (mostly) no exception. There was plenty of snow on the ground as we strapped on the sprout and took to the rolling terrain of DeKalb County. We hewed a 6-foot cannon fir as a strong wind blew and drizzle began to fall. By the time we left, a nice fog had rolled in, obscuring the views of the backroads of DeKalb.

We also typically do a little car birding in the vicinity. With limited visibility, it wasn't a great day for espying avian species, but we did record a few horned larks and a female lapland longspur on a dirt road. Another part of our tradition is stopping at Two Brothers Brewery, just north of I-88 in Warrenville. By this time, a snow-eating rain was steadily falling. We enjoyed the special Heavy-Handed IPA and a Long Haul Ale with our lunch--and took a growler for the road.

The continued rain made for a damp tree when we returned home, but it did pretty well overall and now graces our living room. And snow began falling again just in time for decorating last night.

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JayB said...

War live cut Christmas trees and good micro brew in a growler to go. Merry Christmas!