Sunday, November 15, 2009

Forest approach

Today was another great day for a hike, although a bit cooler than yesterday. The temperature was about 36 when we set out from the swampy campsite. We donned blaze orange and did in fact see several hunters. Most had driven in close to their treestands and blinds. We were in a national forest--not a wilderness--so there were many roads into the area. In an article in the Detroit Free Press yesterday, a Frenchman who happened to be hunting in Michigan said: "It's very different here. You don't walk much." True, but staying near your car also makes it easier to haul the deer out.

We did see two deer and also a flock of trumpeter swans, high high above us. We also saw a small black creature that may have been a mink or something like it. It was a bit longer of a hike than Saturday and we ended up doing about 12 miles total.

More to come soon including photos and a report from the epic disc golf course, Flip City.

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The Last Telson said...

Haha you Americans have a crazy way of hunting. Treestands!!!

Nice blog. And good on you for being safe in blaze.