Friday, October 16, 2009

Sigging water

Life can't be too bad when one of your concerns is which steel water bottle to choose. Even more insane is the selection of water bottle accessories that exists--straps and pouches and all sorts of lids.

Today I received a $47 gift certificate from Sigg for the .6L and 1L bottles that we returned because they're lined with BPA. I'm torn as to weather to cash them in for new bottles. After all, the company wasn't forthcoming at first about BPA in its bottles. Now, we'll continue to carry around the Sigg brand.


JayB said...

Glad to see you got your gift card from Sigg. We sent back 5 bottles in late Sept and have not heard back from them yet. I understand your hesitation in purchasing from the company, however, they never advertised to the public that they were BPA free. It was sneaky how they just changed their product and never really made it known about the changes in the liner.

sportsshrike said...

Got it. Thanks for the clarification. I knew there was something sneaky just not sure what.