Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy trails

Despite the grousing here, the trip last week was a good one. Note: We didn't actually see any ruffed grouse despite the previous statement.

--The temperatures in July were some of the mildest in the Midwest on record. The trend continued throughout the trip.
--It's amazing how remote a place can be even in one of the more populous states in the union. We didn't see a single person on the trail.
--We traversed several back roads and Forest Service haul roads yet it was pleasant (above).
--There was much evidence of past habitation along the trail, but it was nice in a strange way. Abandoned buildings, oil and gas wells, even old televisions and refrigerators. You can barely make out a vacant schoolhouse in the photo above.
--The region is known for its pottery, including McCoy. My boots still are caked with red clay from the trip.
--To the best of my knowledge, we survived the trip without a single tick or spider bite.

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