Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Birding secrecy

There's a secret place not far from here that is an absolute migrant trap. I've mentioned it in this blog before, but I'd rather not reveal its name again. Everyone knows that I bird at the Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary (The Magic Hedge) a lot. It's near there but it's not a place that many birders frequent. Only in the height of spring migration, and even then it's secluded.

Last Saturday, we recorded 50 species at Montrose Point and the Jarvis Bird Sanctuary, a woodlot at about 3600 North along the lakefront. There's a swampy pond at Jarvis, and that's where we saw an american bittern. It even did the thing where it points its bill in the air so that it blends in with cattails. At the secret place, we added nearly 10 species to the day's list ranging from spotted sandpipers to northern waterthrushes to yellow-rumped warblers and an early yellow warbler. I plan to go back again this weekend.

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