Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Reverse Jubilee

The State of Illinois has moved forward with the closing of seven state parks and 12 state historic sites. Hennepin Canal, Gebhard Woods, Channahon and Kickapoo State Parks will remain open. Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn sent an e-mail to constituents summarizing the closings. The cost-cutting is sparing the paltry sum of $2 million from the state budget.

Among the locations shuttered since yesterday are Carl Sandburg's birthplace in Galesburg. Other notables include lovely Lowden State Park and its nearby sibling, Castle Rock State Park. Both offer hiking opportunities in the upland woods of the Rock River Valley. Also closing: Jubilee State Historic Site, which sits within Jubilee College State Park (to my knowledge the state park is remaining open). The significance? Jubilee College was founded by Philander Chase, who also founded Kenyon College. Jubilee College, one of the first in Illinois, has been closed since Abraham Lincoln's presidency.

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