Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bike talk

I had a chance to ride some mountain bike trails last weekend. I'm not sure what to make of this experience. One of my first impressions was that visibility was challenging. We rode through the sun-dappled woods of the Northwest Suburbs in the late morning hours, and it was hard to see very far down the trail. Also, I was incredibly gunshy, perhaps because of my knee injury but also for fear of a broken bone. The person I was with leapt big logs with ease. I slowed and walked my bike over them. Careering through the woods on a bike was fun, but I found it to be too fast to actually observe nature in any way. That's what I like about walking through the woods.


JayB said...

True...but going fast is fun! Plus, it has been my experience that most of my more painful trail riding falls have been when I was too hesitant going over an obstacle.

sportsshrike said...

Oy, but I need knobby tires at least. I am riding on smooth tires right now. There were some wicked Illinois hills that I would not want any part of, I will say that.