Monday, April 14, 2008

Cat fever

In perhaps the most insane story ever posted here, a puma has been killed on the North Side of Chicago. Visitors may recall that previous posts discussing the cougar outbreak in the Upper Midwest. A couple months back, a cougar was located in southern Wisconsin near the town of Milton. Two weeks ago, a cougar was reported about 33 miles north of here in North Chicago. Then reports came in yesterday of a cougar about nine miles north of here in Wilmette. Finally, one of the big cats was sighted today 3 miles from here in the neighborhood of Roscoe Village.

The leading theory is that cougars are moving east out of the Black Hills of South Dakota. The animals are growing in numbers in Minnesota and now Wisconsin. These "wandering males" are attracted by the abundant deer population. One wonders what the killing's animal cruelty implications will be as the video of bulletproof-vested cops shooting the feline in a city alley is on the Web.

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